HERNANDO VILLA Original Drawings

The following 4 posts are a series the artist did in 1945 and into 1946. Please continue for specific details on each. They are being sold either separately or together with discount.

This is posted for information on this artist:

Hernando Villa-1881-1950. Born in Los Angeles when California still part of Mexico. His father was an artist with a studio on the Plaza. He studied at the LA School of Art and Design, the oldest art school in the Southwest and later taught there. He later studied in England and Germany. Best known for his iconic work of The Chief-the Santa Fe Railroad emblem. Works held in Long Beach Museum, LAMA, Ft. Worth MA and did Many Murals. His Specialty was the Old West, Indians, Missions and Mexican Vaqueros. He is well listed and detailed in California 1910 book.